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Thought leadership series

Moving the needle on Continuous Improvement


Amid growing pressures to improve business performance, continuous improvement (CI) offers a way forward by focusing on incremental changes to achieve larger goals. As disruptions continue to reshape industries, CI leaders are more crucial than ever, sharing ideas and turning uncertainty into strategic advantages.

Enlighten’s new series, led by our CI Chief Lead Claudio Dalla Venezia, a Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt, delves into the concept of CI, its timeless relevance, and how CI leaders can unite teams around a shared purpose.


Unlock the power of CI for your organization with our thought leadership series. Don’t miss out on this essential resource to navigate business disruptions, drive strategic transformations, and unite your teams around a shared purpose.


This three-part series explores the enduring relevance of CI, probes its nature as an art or science, and discusses how a CI leader can unite organisations around a common goal, all while highlighting the importance of robust CI strategies in today’s challenging business landscape.

The evolution of CI

From the Industrial Revolution's pioneering efficiency studies to the modern embrace of digital transformation technologies, CI has been a driving force for change. Today's methodologies, including Lean, TQM and Agile, have their roots in past innovations. The enduring thread throughout CI's evolution is the use of data to drive transformation, increase efficiency, and maximize ROI.

Is CI an art or science?

CI is a blend of art and science, requiring both analytical skills for data-driven decision-making and soft skills to inspire change. The scientific side involves process analysis and statistical testing, while the art of CI lies in emotional intelligence and storytelling. Striking a balance between these elements can help transform businesses, and CI can take any organization from good to great.

The CI leader

In today's evolving business world, there is a critical need for leaders who foster a culture of CI, uniting teams around a shared purpose. This involves harnessing the power of storytelling, setting measurable goals, empowering team contributions, ensuring the right skills, observing processes firsthand, and celebrating progress.

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