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We are a global operational excellence firm helping organizations achieve high performance through the right combination of data, expertise and engaged people. A career at Enlighten offers many exciting opportunities in dynamic work environments across the globe. Elevate your career to the next level with Enlighten.

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Global Workforce
Global Workforce


Distinction is what sets Enlighten apart. Diversity is what drives Enlighten forward.

Enlighten celebrates the differences that make each of us unique, and we believe that these differences inspire change, innovation, and growth. We affirm and honor all identities and experiences, and we value the diverse perspectives of our staff, clients, and all affiliates. Enlighten is committed to proactively creating opportunity for diverse staff/candidates and creating a safe, empowering, and fair workplace for our employees and clients. As a firm that empowers positive change and continuous improvement, we are committed to making an impactful difference both within and outside of our organization. We are committed to our own growth and edification, and vow to keep listening and learning from all identities, experiences, and backgrounds.

What makes us different is what makes us whole.

Featured roles:

The following job openings represent the positions we are always hiring for at Enlighten. For a list of our current vacancies please visit our LinkedIn page and feel free to reach out to
Enlighten are looking for a Change Manager who is responsible for assisting the Change Program Director in leading a project’s implementation and subsequent support, overseeing a team of Change Coaches/Sr. Change Coaches, as well as day-to-day project operations.
We are looking for a Change Coach who is responsible for assisting the Change Program Director in leading a project’s implementation and subsequent support, and day-to-day project operations.
Enlighten is seeking a trusted advisor to our client portfolio that can span many industries (with a strong focus on financial services, pension funds and healthcare), to ensure the value they derive from the Enlighten Software program and methodologies increases each year throughout the lifecycle of their SaaS contracts.
Enlighten is growing rapidly and seeking a versatile Senior DevOps Engineer to join our team. The position will be responsible for deploying and monitoring our SaaS product built with Microsoft technologies on the AWS platform .
We are looking for a Senior Technical Specialist who is responsible for assisting the Technical Program Director and Chief Lead – Technology in leading a project’s technical build and subsequent support, as well as managing teams in various technological specialties to accomplish the organization’s goals.

Enlighten Bootcamp

At Enlighten, we ensure that our new hires are ready to hit the ground running when being placed on their first project. When joining Enlighten, each of our new team members attend a 3 to 4 week bootcamp, comprised of online interactive virtual trainings, virtual in class methodology and technical training, and on the job shadowing. The bootcamp is not only focused on technical learning, but also on engaging our newest members into the Enlighten culture, both internal and on how we partner up with our clients. The bootcamp allows them to quickly gain confidence as they interact with our proprietary software, our methodology and our existing project teams daily. The bootcamp is a collaboration with all parts of the business, which allows our new team members to quickly network at all levels within our organization. At the end of the bootcamp, they not only get a sense for how Enlighten works, but also who we are as a team, as a company and what kind of culture we uphold!
Global Workforce
Dora Serbanescu
Senior Manager of Learning and Development