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What are Blended Work Teams? | Enlighten OPEX Insights

Blended Work Teams

Vendors in the market are encouraging their clients to implement “blended work teams”, whereby relatively straightforward transactions from the back-office are moved and processed by Contact Center staff during quieter periods.

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The Crime of Wasted Capacity

In many industries,there is an incredible amount of latent capacity that is wasted in the back- and middle-office on a daily basis. This fact is routinely overlooked by the majority of C-suite executives, who are unable to see the extent of unused capacity so deeply hidden within their organizations.

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Why do Lean Projects Fail?

Lured by the prospect of major costs savings and productivity improvements, executives eagerly proceed with Lean or Six Sigma projects. The reality, however, is that most Lean implementations fail to produce the desired results, especially in white collar environments.

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The Inherent Flaw of Using Averages

Most white collar organizations rely on average processing times to underpin their benchmarks and performance standards. In fact, the use of “averages” in calculating benchmarks is so prevalent and widespread in the white collar environment that executives frequently fail to grasp the serious consequences of using this approach.

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The Reasons Why Managers Don't Manage Anymore | Enlighten

Why Managers Don’t Manage

Executives overseeing transactional processing operations routinely question the leadership attributes held by front-line management within their organizations. Their concern is justified, as the typical front-line manager employs a highly reactive approach to management and focuses on “putting out fires” rather than proactively managing their teams.

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Why is On-site Assessment Important? | Enlighten Insights

Enlighten On-Site Assessment

Enlighten conducts an on-site assessment before every project to ensure fit and to review existing management practices /tools. A typical on-site assessment takes 4-5 days followed by a presentation of findings, projected benefits and ROI.  Our process is fast, but thorough – and we back up our projections with guarantees you can count on.

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